Welcome. Our goal is simple: to provide creative event design and quality individualized coordination service, enthusiasm, and advice. We make your event distinctive and polished, bespoke, and most importantly, a reflection of you. After all, we believe everyone is original—shouldn't your event be, too?

We are serious about our work and are dedicated to each client. We're proud to offer design innovation, expert coordination, and personal attention to your events making it very much ours.

We take pride and pleasure in planning and managing the smallest details to the overall production of your event. Let us turn your vision into reality and add extra oomph to your event for a big show-stealing WOW. With our services, you and your guests can relax, enjoy, and truly revel in the celebration.
Begin the Celebrations!!!

Why the name
Grass – although short in length yet its spread is vast and always grounded. No matter how far we grow or succeed we shall remain grounded. Hopper symbolizes the diversification quality of us; wherein we strive to excel in variety of events and provide an assortment of Event Management and Travel Services giving you a hopping around the world consultation and packages.
Our Values
Grasshopper Events & Communication goal is simply to not just meet; but hop beyond each client's expectations. We are dedicated to delivering individualized event design and management services, with an emphasis on detail, quality and creativity.  
Grasshopper Events ensures that the experience is on the tip of its attendee's tongues for weeks to come. Oh, and one more thing! We never, ever forget that it's your event. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU.